Jumaat, Disember 19, 2008

JOHOR BUZZ NST 19 Disember 2008


Muka surat 8.
Temubual oleh Jassmine Shadique menampilkan Ilshah Shahbir.

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Tova berkata...

do you exist on facebook?
I think youre interesting because I went to JB for four weeks and love the place. Im a graphic designer from sweden...and I would love to know people from JB...
I do not understand your language yet...that would take some time and I think I have to come back to learn that... /Tova


hi Tova!
Zillion thanx a lot for visiting our blog. Really appreciate that. Thanx for the comment & sorry, I don't exist on facebook. I've browsed your blog : Diffusa Konturer - interesting! It's just about language that really matter to me. heh. I guess I should learn your language someday. Nice knowing you. Stay in touch! -ILSHAH SHAHBIR, jb, malaysia

Tova berkata...

my gmail: lidbeck@gmail.com
I have to put up some more photos from my country where i am now so You can see the difference... its cold now minus 7 degrees C, and some sun (a few hours sun comes up at 9 am and sets around 3 pm) I soo wish I was back at JB. Your wheater is so nice. The language is different I know but I really want to learn some of yours...i will try...but first I have to improve my english. You can see my work at www.grundenmedia.se I do muck graphic design and we work some with movies as well. lots of photography. but the site is only in swedish. :-)